Delays and Setbacks

Well, I haven’t done much this week except twist my ankle, go to different doctor appointments, and sit on the sofa and watch my household fall to pieces around me.  (Seriously messy here right now). 

I have thought of several sewing ideas and I worked a little on my quilt.  I keep saying I will post a picture but I haven’t gotten around to it.  I did manage to purchase more fabric…like I need to accumulate any more fabric.  Meanwhile, the hubs basically thinks that I should sell something.   Right now, it is time to get around to all the Christmas gifts. 

The latest project I plan on working on is designing a cover for my Kindle.  Yep, the hubs gave me a Kindle for my birthday a few weeks ago.  I have finished my first book… Her Mother’s Hope by Francine Rivers.  Excellent read, except that it is the first of two and I haven’t downloaded the second one yet.  I wonder if I can get my Beth Moore Bible Study on my Kindle.  Probably would work since I need to take notes. 

My other quest in life this week has been to find FREE patterns.  So many websites offer “free” patterns but few really deliver.  So far, I am liking but I am am still looking.

Well, it is 2am so it’s time for me to take another Vicadin and go to sleep.  I’ll sew tomorrow “after all, tomorrow is another day”.


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