Countdown Santa

I will definitely post pictures of this.  My sister has asked me to help the kids make a “Countdown Santa”.  Basically a kid friendly advent calendar.  When I was very little, my Sunday School teacher gave me one and my family used it every year.  It holds candy canes that are tied on with yarn and there is a bell at the bottom.

There is poem that is attached to Santa’s beard that reads:

December 1st to Christmas
Is the longest time of the year.
Seems as though old Santa
Never will appear.

How many days to Christmas
Is mighty hard to count.
So this little candy ribbon
Will tell the exact amount.

Untie one candy each night
When Santa casts his spell.
And Christmas Eve will be here
By the time you reach the bell.

Yes, I will be making these to sell.  😀


One thought on “Countdown Santa

  1. I am 64 years old and back when I was a freshman in college my sister and brother-in-law made a craft similar to this one. It had the same poem, but wasn’t a Santa beard. it was a long piece of green felt with a pointed bottom where the bell was attached (not describing this very well, but looked like a long green felt arrow!). The poem was typed in red ink and on a circular piece of paper attached to a larger circle of red felt at the top. Candy canes were attached by bright red yarn down the green felt till you reached the bell. I have been searching for this poem for several years. Wonderful memories.

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