Mickey and Minnie Birthday Party

My sister and I threw a Mickey and Minnie Mouse birthday party for my son and her daughter.  Most of our ideas, we stole from Pinterest and made them our own.  Here are some pictures…

One side of the Pinata I made.

It took me two weeks to make, it took a group of 3 to 10 year olds only 7 minutes to take it down.  A five year old was the one who got it down.  Now I know,  I must make it tougher on the top.

This was the other side; the “Minnie” side.

Take away gifts, coloring books and colors.

We lucked out, there were vintage Mickey and Minnie coloring books at the dollar spot at Target this year.  They were perfect!

(I spray painted the bucket thing)

I do have some better pictures on my camera.  I will have to add them later.  These were from my phone.  In any case, we bought a Mickey cookie cutter to do PB&J and turkey, cheese, ham sandwiches but it was too big for our bread.  My sister made stars instead.  They were adorable.

Here is a slightly better picture with the cupcake table.

The gift table.


Kids and adults alike had fun with this old frame I found at the thrift shop for $2.  I wasn’t concerned much about the design or condition, I was going for a large square.  Spray painted it red and hung it up with fishing line.  I set a box of beads, sparkly sunglasses and hats out and let the kids have fun with it. We took tons of pictures and eventually it came down but we still held it up and took pictures.  Here are a few.

Me and the Hubs

This was once it came down…more paper pom-poms in the background.

While it was still hanging.

It was hard to keep the little ones from going behind the picture area (even though there was a whole back yard to play in).  So several pictures have background interest.

More pictures to come as soon as I download my camera.  I love instagram and how I can make my pics look vintage.