Mickey and Minnie Mouse Pinata

As requested…I finally downloaded my pictures.  I started with a balloon with two plates taped on. I wish I would have taken better pictures.  I used four (4) paper plates and cut one side in order to tape them to the balloon.  I used scotch tape.  It really doesn’t matter what kind of tape you use as you should paper mache over every thing.



I cut strips of news paper using a paper cutter (way faster).  Then applied a flour/water mixture.  For those of you who need a recipe click here.  I used flour and water and mixed it to a soup consistency.  You kind of figure it out.  Dip your news paper strips into the mixture and apply it to the balloon.   I put on a layer, allowed it to dry for a couple of hours (you will be able to tell when it is dry) and then applied another layer.  Be sure to store it in a dry open space.  If it doesn’t dry, it can mold or effect the integrity of the pinata.   You can apply the news paper over the plates to give the pinata a cohesive look.




Putting all the layers on took me about 10 days. I wanted a very strong pinata as the pinata was quiet large and I had a lot of children attending the party.   Finally, I cut tissue paper into strips and fringed it (it didn’t take as long as it looks) and I glued the strips onto the pinata.  Be sure to leave a hole (I left one inside one of the ears) to put candy and treats into the pinata.  And also, pop the balloon!




This one was decorated as Mickey Mouse on one side and Minnie mouse on the other as we had a “Minnie/Mickey” party for our four year olds.




Next time I make a pinata, I will incorporate a rope or some type of hanging devise into the structure of the pinata….I didn’t this time.  My husband worked it out but I think it would have lasted longer if I had incorporated the rope into the structure.

27 thoughts on “Mickey and Minnie Mouse Pinata

  1. Love this piñata. Am trying to make one just like it. Just wondering whats the best way to incorporate rope or wirefor hanging it? Thank you! This page was extremely useful!!! So thankful i found it!

    • Use rope! And work it into the design. My husband tried to work a hanger into it after it was complete and that didn’t hold up. The kids knocked it down pretty quickly and then took turns pounding it into the ground (I had reinforced the bottom so much that that it was like Fort Knox) to get the treats out.

      • Hi! What do you mean “work it into the design” I’m making this and trying to find out how I’m going to hang this lol!

      • Once you get a layer or two on, tape a wire hanger on to the top or a piece of rope then continue layering your newspaper over it.

  2. I have been following your post Im in the process of making my daughters pinata for her party next weekend all I have left is the tissue paper. How big did you make your strips and do you have any tips on how to start it bottom top etc. Im a little confused as to how cover mine still

    • I made my strips about two inches and fringed one side. Glued them on with elmer’s glue starting at the bottom. So the fridge layers over the glued part(hiding a multitude of flaws). You can also paint instead of tissuing but tissue is traditional and hides more flaws (have a flat area? Just add more tissue in that area).

      • Thank you so much! I do have some flat areas i hung mine outside to dry and the heat popped the balloon before it was finished i do not recommend hanging it outside 🙂 i actually used gesso primmer over the paper mache and it made it super hard if you do them alot you should try it. I bought a $5 jar at michaels and ive used it on over 5 projects and it works wonders!

      • I will try it next time. It’s pretty humid here so I left mine inside to dry but my first attempt the balloon shrank up over night. Thankfully it was in the early stages so I was able to start over.

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  4. – Could I us two small balloons for the ears instead of plates ?!

    – if I’m doing a Mickey Mouse what should I put on it instead of the ribbon ?!

    • This was actually Minnie on one side and Micky on the other. The party was combined for a boy and girl. The Micky side had “buttons” instead of the bow and the the tissue paper was red instead of the hot pink.

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