The Best Shopping Website


I love Pinterest. My sister got me hooked on it when she was renovating her house and wanted me to tell her what I thought about her ideas.  For a while I was super addicted but I’ve calmed down a little.  There are some people I wanted to follow, started following only to find out, if they pin one thing, they pin 423 things….too much.  Unfollow.  So one of my friends posted a link to this blog about websites you must shop for Christmas.  Click here.

I like a deal and I do shop some of these websites.  But I couldn’t believe the most obviously missed website….

Ebates!  Cash Back!  And they provide you with coupon codes.

Last year, I bought a Kurig coffee maker, the programmable kind for just under $100 from Kohls.  This was online on Black Friday.  It was a $250 machine for under $100 and I earned cash back.  They have links to almost every website under the sun.  Seriously.

So here’s the deal, you visit Ebates, type in the company or item you want to shop for and they provide you with coupons and a link.  Click on the link and it will open the website.  Shop as you usually would.  And you will earn a percentage of cash back.  (Which is paid quarterly to your Paypal account).

That’s it!