Our Vintage Circus

We celebrated our girl’s 1st Birthday this past weekend.  I have a few pictures but not many because I temporarily lost my phone.  So here goes….



We kept the menu simple:  Popcorn (bags found at Hobby Lobby), cupcakes (homemade), hotdogs and a mini candy bar.  Water, Raspberry Lemonade (raspberry gingerale and frozen pink lemonade) and sweet ice tea.





The kids ended up “self-monitoring” this game.   Just cans covered with contact paper or crafting paper.





This was actually outside on it’s own table but I didn’t get a good picture of it.  Mostly spaghetti jars and pickle jars that have been “dolled up”.




There are the birthday girls and the Hubs grilling hotdogs.


I have another picture of the porch ceiling but I am having some issues uploading my photos.  Sigh.



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