Art Table

My sister and her artist friend made one of these for her daughter’s room a few year.  I loved it.  Later, one of my neighbors was selling a small coffee table at a yard sale for $7.  What a deal.  I snatched it up and here was our project.


My sister took some of the pictures on her phone.

Here are the steps.

1. We sanded the table down.

2. Spray painted chalkboard paint onto the top.

3. painted a teal base coat onto the rest of the table.

3.  We let it dry.

4. We taped off the top of the table.

5. We spray painted a pale pink onto the outside of the table.  We didn’t worry about over spray on the inside of the legs.

6.  We let it dry.


7. After that dried we painted, with cheap acrylic paint, a metallic gold on the sides of table.

8. We let that dry.  (I promise we did this table in only 3 days).

9.  we hand painted leopard print onto the sides of the table in hot pink.

10.  We let it dry.

11. We roughed it up by lightly sanding it.




12.  We chalked up the entire top, sprayed it down with water and allowed it to dry.



I haven’t put her art supplies on the table yet and this is the best picture I could get while holding a 16 month old.  Looks cute in her room.






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