These aren’t my latest projects but they are what I did over Christmas.  Much easier and fun than I expected.  I made the “Believe” sign for my parent’s and the “Beloved” sign for a friend.


My friend finally hung it up and it’s super cute.

dec 2014 358

I loved this one and I plan on making one for myself as soon as I get finished with some orders and a gift project I”m working on.

How I did it…well, the word for the Believe sign was an old fence my husband rescued off of a neighbor and the Beloved sign was some pallets that had been sitting in our yard.  I mixed up some chalk paint (NOT Chalkboard paint).  I used a recipe from pinterest that basically adds some plaster of paris and a little water to almost any paint.  What this does is makes the paint work for any surface. Click here for more info on Chalk paint.  I used the plaster of paris recipe and did my dinette…I’ll post pictures at the end of this..I love it!  I’m a little obsessed with the chalk paint right now. In any case, a quick coat of chalk paint (which I asked my husband to do as I was cooking and cleaning for a Christmas party).  I printed off the letters for the words I wanted to paint on (I’m not a super great painter) and then traced the letters onto the wood and hand painted the letters on with a small artist brush.

Here are some pictures….

dec 2014 356 dec 2014 355 dec 2014 354

Now here are some pics of my dinette…I bought the table for $20 and it wasn’t even together.

dec 2014 268 dec 2014 269 IMG_4804

This one is the finished project although I should really take a nice staged photo.

dec 2014 274

I know…I have a lot of color going on. That’s okay.  I chose an Indoor/outdoor fabric that is water resistant so I can hopefully clean it (kids!!)