Recycled School Desk

Finally, after having this in my garage or two years, I figured out what I wanted to do with it (helps that we are homeschooling this year and our boy needed a desk) and I did it.

Here’s the final product….






First, I sanded it down; all of it, the wood and metal parts.



Then spray painted the top surface with chalkboard paint.  I actually had purchased a can of  “paint on” chalkboard paint but ended up using the spray paint after the last project I did with my sister.  I wasn’t sure how the spray paint would do on the wood surface but it was pretty good.



Next step…cover up all the surfaces that I didn’t want sprayed red….You can see here how I used newspaper and Frog tape to cover up all my non-red surfaces.  I didn’t take too many pictures of the process.


And I sprayed it red.  I used Valspar spray paint +primer (combined in one product) from Lowes.  I’ve tried all the different spray paints and Valspar is my favorite by far.


After removing the paper and the Frog tape, I stained the wood seat and sealed it.

Then I chalked up the top surface by rubbing chalk all over the top then spraying it down with water and wiping it off.







I’ll have to take a picture of our little school area (it is pretty much setup just need to clean up a few messes around it.  My son is super excited about his new desk and homeschooling.  We will write him a sweet note for his first day of school.


Art Table

My sister and her artist friend made one of these for her daughter’s room a few year.  I loved it.  Later, one of my neighbors was selling a small coffee table at a yard sale for $7.  What a deal.  I snatched it up and here was our project.


My sister took some of the pictures on her phone.

Here are the steps.

1. We sanded the table down.

2. Spray painted chalkboard paint onto the top.

3. painted a teal base coat onto the rest of the table.

3.  We let it dry.

4. We taped off the top of the table.

5. We spray painted a pale pink onto the outside of the table.  We didn’t worry about over spray on the inside of the legs.

6.  We let it dry.


7. After that dried we painted, with cheap acrylic paint, a metallic gold on the sides of table.

8. We let that dry.  (I promise we did this table in only 3 days).

9.  we hand painted leopard print onto the sides of the table in hot pink.

10.  We let it dry.

11. We roughed it up by lightly sanding it.




12.  We chalked up the entire top, sprayed it down with water and allowed it to dry.



I haven’t put her art supplies on the table yet and this is the best picture I could get while holding a 16 month old.  Looks cute in her room.





Our Vintage Circus

We celebrated our girl’s 1st Birthday this past weekend.  I have a few pictures but not many because I temporarily lost my phone.  So here goes….



We kept the menu simple:  Popcorn (bags found at Hobby Lobby), cupcakes (homemade), hotdogs and a mini candy bar.  Water, Raspberry Lemonade (raspberry gingerale and frozen pink lemonade) and sweet ice tea.





The kids ended up “self-monitoring” this game.   Just cans covered with contact paper or crafting paper.





This was actually outside on it’s own table but I didn’t get a good picture of it.  Mostly spaghetti jars and pickle jars that have been “dolled up”.




There are the birthday girls and the Hubs grilling hotdogs.


I have another picture of the porch ceiling but I am having some issues uploading my photos.  Sigh.


Baby Girl’s Room

We have lived in our house for almost 3 years and the only room that had been left untouched was our “baby room”.  We fostered twins for a while (girl and boy) and I thought about redecorating then…but it’s hard to come up with a girl-boy idea and when fostering you don’t want to jump into redecorating based on a child that may or may not be staying.  Last year (yes, it has been almost a year) we began fostering our baby girl.  The plan is adoption.  It was time to do something with the was purple with a pink stripe on two walls and a yellow stripe on two walls…and I didn’t hate the purple until I saw the colors I love next to it.

IMG_2882 IMG_2879


Here is my sister-in-law, helping me tape off.  You can see the old color.  And in the top picture you can see the new color.  It is a Valspar color from Lowe’s called Sprinkle.  I used this paint (click for the link).



It has great coverage.  I used a gallon for the room (with some left over).

Then I decided to add an accent wall…a wall of lattice.

I love FROG TAPE!  This stuff is awesome.  FrogTape plus a laser level my husband bought me for Christmas…

IMG_2899 IMG_2900 IMG_2907

Because there was texture on the wall, I did have to go back and touch up…with an artist brush.  The paint guy at Lowe’s told me there is actually a FrogTape designed for textured walls.    So look for that.

Here’s the fun stuff…




A new canvas project.






It had a few flaws so…I did a wash…

And painted the edge of the the canvas the same “hot pink” as the wall….




And I’ve been spray painting a few other accessories….



Today…they all get hung up.

I will try to update with some pictures so you can see the finished product.





The Best Shopping Website


I love Pinterest. My sister got me hooked on it when she was renovating her house and wanted me to tell her what I thought about her ideas.  For a while I was super addicted but I’ve calmed down a little.  There are some people I wanted to follow, started following only to find out, if they pin one thing, they pin 423 things….too much.  Unfollow.  So one of my friends posted a link to this blog about websites you must shop for Christmas.  Click here.

I like a deal and I do shop some of these websites.  But I couldn’t believe the most obviously missed website….

Ebates!  Cash Back!  And they provide you with coupon codes.

Last year, I bought a Kurig coffee maker, the programmable kind for just under $100 from Kohls.  This was online on Black Friday.  It was a $250 machine for under $100 and I earned cash back.  They have links to almost every website under the sun.  Seriously.

So here’s the deal, you visit Ebates, type in the company or item you want to shop for and they provide you with coupons and a link.  Click on the link and it will open the website.  Shop as you usually would.  And you will earn a percentage of cash back.  (Which is paid quarterly to your Paypal account).

That’s it!

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Pinata

As requested…I finally downloaded my pictures.  I started with a balloon with two plates taped on. I wish I would have taken better pictures.  I used four (4) paper plates and cut one side in order to tape them to the balloon.  I used scotch tape.  It really doesn’t matter what kind of tape you use as you should paper mache over every thing.



I cut strips of news paper using a paper cutter (way faster).  Then applied a flour/water mixture.  For those of you who need a recipe click here.  I used flour and water and mixed it to a soup consistency.  You kind of figure it out.  Dip your news paper strips into the mixture and apply it to the balloon.   I put on a layer, allowed it to dry for a couple of hours (you will be able to tell when it is dry) and then applied another layer.  Be sure to store it in a dry open space.  If it doesn’t dry, it can mold or effect the integrity of the pinata.   You can apply the news paper over the plates to give the pinata a cohesive look.




Putting all the layers on took me about 10 days. I wanted a very strong pinata as the pinata was quiet large and I had a lot of children attending the party.   Finally, I cut tissue paper into strips and fringed it (it didn’t take as long as it looks) and I glued the strips onto the pinata.  Be sure to leave a hole (I left one inside one of the ears) to put candy and treats into the pinata.  And also, pop the balloon!




This one was decorated as Mickey Mouse on one side and Minnie mouse on the other as we had a “Minnie/Mickey” party for our four year olds.




Next time I make a pinata, I will incorporate a rope or some type of hanging devise into the structure of the pinata….I didn’t this time.  My husband worked it out but I think it would have lasted longer if I had incorporated the rope into the structure.

Mickey and Minnie Birthday Party

My sister and I threw a Mickey and Minnie Mouse birthday party for my son and her daughter.  Most of our ideas, we stole from Pinterest and made them our own.  Here are some pictures…

One side of the Pinata I made.

It took me two weeks to make, it took a group of 3 to 10 year olds only 7 minutes to take it down.  A five year old was the one who got it down.  Now I know,  I must make it tougher on the top.

This was the other side; the “Minnie” side.

Take away gifts, coloring books and colors.

We lucked out, there were vintage Mickey and Minnie coloring books at the dollar spot at Target this year.  They were perfect!

(I spray painted the bucket thing)

I do have some better pictures on my camera.  I will have to add them later.  These were from my phone.  In any case, we bought a Mickey cookie cutter to do PB&J and turkey, cheese, ham sandwiches but it was too big for our bread.  My sister made stars instead.  They were adorable.

Here is a slightly better picture with the cupcake table.

The gift table.


Kids and adults alike had fun with this old frame I found at the thrift shop for $2.  I wasn’t concerned much about the design or condition, I was going for a large square.  Spray painted it red and hung it up with fishing line.  I set a box of beads, sparkly sunglasses and hats out and let the kids have fun with it. We took tons of pictures and eventually it came down but we still held it up and took pictures.  Here are a few.

Me and the Hubs

This was once it came down…more paper pom-poms in the background.

While it was still hanging.

It was hard to keep the little ones from going behind the picture area (even though there was a whole back yard to play in).  So several pictures have background interest.

More pictures to come as soon as I download my camera.  I love instagram and how I can make my pics look vintage.