Recycled School Desk

Finally, after having this in my garage or two years, I figured out what I wanted to do with it (helps that we are homeschooling this year and our boy needed a desk) and I did it.

Here’s the final product….






First, I sanded it down; all of it, the wood and metal parts.



Then spray painted the top surface with chalkboard paint.  I actually had purchased a can of  “paint on” chalkboard paint but ended up using the spray paint after the last project I did with my sister.  I wasn’t sure how the spray paint would do on the wood surface but it was pretty good.



Next step…cover up all the surfaces that I didn’t want sprayed red….You can see here how I used newspaper and Frog tape to cover up all my non-red surfaces.  I didn’t take too many pictures of the process.


And I sprayed it red.  I used Valspar spray paint +primer (combined in one product) from Lowes.  I’ve tried all the different spray paints and Valspar is my favorite by far.


After removing the paper and the Frog tape, I stained the wood seat and sealed it.

Then I chalked up the top surface by rubbing chalk all over the top then spraying it down with water and wiping it off.







I’ll have to take a picture of our little school area (it is pretty much setup just need to clean up a few messes around it.  My son is super excited about his new desk and homeschooling.  We will write him a sweet note for his first day of school.